Trump Responds To The Elementary School Shooting Like A Soulless Monster


In the wake of the tragic shooting at a school in San Bernardino, California, President Donald Trump has been oddly silent. The normally bombastic president hasn’t issued so much as a boilerplate expression of his condolences.

On Monday, Cedric Anderson entered North Park Elementary School where his wife, Karen Elaine Smith, worked as a teacher. Once inside, he pulled out a gun and killed his wife, along with an 8-year-old student named Jonathan Martinez. The man then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. A second student, whose name has not been released, is currently in critical condition.

Trump’s lack of response might have a political motivation to it, since the president is staunchly opposed to gun control of any kind. He may be worried this will start a fight over gun control and therefore not wish to draw attention to the matter.

We suspect if the shooter were Muslim, Trump would waste no time in talking about it, but it appears that this particular murder doesn’t suit his agenda.

That doesn’t mean the president has been silent. His Twitter account has been fairly busy tweeting about Passover and retweeting a puff piece from Fox News.

Featured image via Getty Images.