British Spy Leaks That Donald Had Money Funnel From Russia In ’08 Financial Collapse


Money is the root of all evil. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Few idioms are more true than those two where the sorted Trump/Russia/Putin triangle, is concerned. Furthermore, it has long been said that in any twisted scenario involving business, that if you follow the money, you’ll get to the source; this has been said to be true for Trump and Putin, too.

Now, someone who may have the global intelligence knowledge to confirm that the root of Trump’s loyalty to Russia and Putin lies in Trump’s financial ties, is speaking out. Former British “spymaster,” Sir Richard Dearlove dropped a bombshell of a claim on Wednesday. According to him, when American banks wouldn’t lend to Trump because of his shady business deals, repeated bankruptcies, and poor financial management, Russia did loan Trump money.

Dearlove was Britains M16 big man from 1999 until 2004. He asserts:

‘What lingers for Trump may be what deals—on what terms—he did after the financial crisis of 2008 to borrow Russian money when others in the west apparently would not lend to him.’

If true, Dearlove’s claims could be damning for Trump. Social media users sounded off on Twitter with their responses to Dearlove’s allegations:

With so much support around the notion of Trump being connected to Russia via money, one has to wonder:  Why hasn’t anyone followed the money, yet?

Featured Image via Getty/Ulrich Baumgarten/Contributor