Leaks Reveal Trump Administration Is Readying A Massive ‘Deportation Force’ (DETAILS)


The report has come back on the way forward for the United States Border Patrol demanded by President Trump in a January 25 Executive Order, and it’s not pretty.

The report, obtained Wednesday by The Washington Post, details the absolutely massive plans that the Trump Administration is exploring for the long promised expansion of the capabilities of both the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Although Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly has insisted that there are no planned mass deportations on the horizon, the federal agencies that would be responsible for that mass deportation are acting as though it’s going to happen quite soon.

For instance, the Department of Homeland Security has reportedly found the facilities to expand their detention capacity by a whopping 33,000, with around two thirds of that allocated to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the rest allocated to the Border Patrol.

Where is Trump’s Department of Homeland Security planning to get people to fill those beds? What on earth are they thinking might happen?

Either there really is a mass deportation being planned, or the individuals at the Department of Homeland Security are just following Trump’s orders with no regard as to whether or not they make sense.

Indeed, there is no information suggesting that undocumented immigrants pose any sort of identifiable threat to the United States, although, concurrent to the expansion of the DHS’s detention capacity, Trump has claimed that undocumented immigrants pose an almost outlandishly serious security threat.

Not only has the DHS apparently found facilities to expand their detention capabilities, but they’ve also laid out a plan to hire a whopping 15,000 new agents spread across ICE and the Border Patrol. 10,000 of those new agents would go to ICE, with the rest bolstering the Border Patrol’s ranks.

On top of all of that, The Washington Post reports, “[The] Border Patrol is moving forward with the construction of a border wall prototype with $20 million that lawmakers reappropriated in March, with completion of the prototype to be completed July 22.”

One of those last details exposes why all of this is still in the realm of leaks to the media and not actual reality.

There has simply not yet been any sign from Congress that they’re interested in funding all of the proposed border security improvement measures that have been laid out by the Trump Administration. Republican Congressional leaders postponed deliberations about allocating funding for Trump’s border wall in the interest in getting all the other, more necessary things funded first and averting a government shutdown.

Kevin Appleby, a senior director at the Center for Migration Studies, summed up the situation well while speaking to The Washington Post, saying:

‘They’re throwing a lot of public resources at a problem that should not be a priority, especially since the number of [border] crossers is down considerably. Overall, it’s a wasted use of resources that could be used more efficiently…They have really been using scare tactics to put on a show, to demonstrate to supporters they are tough on immigration.’

Ironically, the Post notes, the previous couple of thousand detention beds added to the DHS’s capacity recently remain unused.

For now, all of these proposals remain just that — proposals.

Featured Image via Alex Milan Tracy/ Anadolu Agency/Getty Images.