Florida Opens Investigation Into Mar A Lago Resort; The Reason Is Straight Gross


The fact that he is using taxpayers’ money to spend time on one of his own properties and the money paid for his stays while there will ultimately end up in his own pockets aside, Donald Trump’s preference of constantly traveling to and entertaining foreign officials at Mar A Lago, just feels dishonest. Nevertheless, his privilege and lawmakers’ refusal to hold him accountable where the ethics of his stays at his own properties at citizens’ expense, allow him to continue building his brand as the commander-in-chief who constantly vacations.

Now, literally sickening news from the Florida Health Department shows that Mar A Lago’s kitchen is failed to meet regulations in ways that could’ve been damning to the well-being of its diners.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was days away from meeting with Trump at Mar A Lago when inspectors found 13 violations at the private club’s kitchen. Given the astronomical cost of membership at the resort, one would think broken rules like the ones outlined in the health department’s report, wouldn’t take place.

Of the 13 overall violations, three were “high priority.” This means that they enable the existence of illness-causing bacteria served to guests. Among the citations that will likely make members and visitors cringe:

‘Fish designed to be served raw or undercooked had not undergone proper parasite destruction. In two of the club’s coolers, raw meats that should be stored at 41 degrees were much too warm and dangerous. The club was cited for not maintaining the coolers in proper working order and was ordered to have them emptied immediately and repaired.’

People digusted with Trump’s lack of regard for rules and regulations took to Twitter to express their feelings:

Featured Image via Getty/Joe Raedle/Staff