Trump Hotel Deal Gets Shut Down; The Reason Will Have You Smiling Wide (DETAILS)


In a bit of bad news for President Donald Trump, it turns out that his presidency is hurting his hotel business even in red states such as Texas. The Dallas News has reported that a Trump hotel deal in Dallas, Texas has failed.

The developer, Mukemmel “Mike” Sarimsakci, was trying to get approval to open one of Trump’s Scion-branded hotels in Dallas but faced public opposition to the project due to the association with Trump’s unpopular presidency.

On Tuesday, Sarimsakci told City Council member Philip Kingston that he would be seeking a new hotel chain to partner with. Sarimsakci said that public opposition to the project had simply become too much of a problem.

The announcement comes on the heels of a March investigation by the Dallas News that shed light on the Turkish-born businessman’s poor business history and unwillingness to name his foreign investors.

‘Sarimsakci and his businesses have been sued dozens of times for unpaid bills and once for late tax payments.  One of his companies is facing a lawsuit that contends he owes $175,000 to a business operated by former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith.

‘The Turkish-born Sarimsakci, who lives near San Francisco, says he doesn’t have “financial and/or legal difficulties.” Through his company, Alterra, Sarimsakci has successfully overseen multimillion-dollar upgrades to one downtown Dallas building and has another renovation underway.

‘While it’s not uncommon for construction projects to encounter legal problems, experts say established commercial developers don’t usually have trouble paying their property taxes on time. ‘

One major issue with this deal was that many people are wary of Trump’s potential conflicts of interest and it is possible that those fears were reflected onto Sarimsakci’s hotel since he was reluctant to reveal who his foreign investors were.

Sarimsakci has said that he is an admirer of Trump and hopes to one day become a U.S. Senator. In their story, the Dallas News said that Sarimsakci, like Trump himself, often likes to brag about his wealth and power and posted a tweet from Sarimsakci’s account where he was bragging about a business meeting.

It is possible that we’ll see other Trump hotel deals fall through as the brand grows ever more toxic.

Featured image via Getty Images.