Trump Issues Cryptic 6AM Message About Russia & It Was Beyond Weird


Donald Trump, the bully president who liked to talk tough during the campaigns and since being elected, would like everyone to know suddenly that it’s all going to be fine. Things will magically just work themselves out, he’s sure.

How in the world can Trump be so very sure of this? The answer might have been guessed the day after Trump ordered the airstrikes, although most considered it somewhat of a wild conspiracy theory at the time.

Lawrence O’Donnell took some criticism for proposing that the entire strike may have been orchestrated between Trump and Putin for a few reasons helpful to Trump and his new, rapidly failing legitimacy. The airstrikes certainly distracted from the Trump/Russia story and had journalists focused more on Syria than continuing to dig into evidence that Trump and his campaign team may have colluded with Russia to win Trump the election.

The decision to bomb Syria also served the dual purpose of making it seem as if Trump surely has no affinity for Putin and no desire to kowtow to Russian interests since Putin has a long-time alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The president’s own son, Eric, even said as much when the press didn’t seem to be making the desired connection quickly enough.

‘If there was anything that Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie.’

Could this be why Trump is so sure that everything will work out beautifully “at the right time?”

Could “the right time” actually mean “the pre-planned time?”

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla