Trump’s Top Female Endorser Just Dumped Him LIVE On TV Over Syria; GOP Revolting


Far right talking head Ann Coulter defended the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad while appearing on Fox News this past Thursday night, describing him as “one of the better leaders of the region.”

Her statements to that effect come in the context of the recent Trump administration strikes on the Syrian regime. The U.S. targeted a Syrian government airfield in “retaliation” for a recent brutal chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians. The strike, although it sounds nice in intention, didn’t really accomplish anything substantive at all outside of getting a number of generally hostile nations riled up against us.

Of all of this, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Ann Coulter, “What should people who supported the President, in the beginning, think of what’s happened in the last week?”

Coulter’s response was truly mind-boggling.

She spoke ostensibly on behalf of the Trump supporters who have broken with the President over his Syria strike. Many such individuals have broken with Trump on account of the military intervention being nothing more than “starting a pointless war.” Ironically, these people may have at least somewhat of a point, seeing as nothing substantively positive has come of the Syria strike.

Coulter began:

‘Well I knew there was going to be massive pushback for anything that Trump proposed on immigration; I didn’t realize the pushback would be quite as strong for not starting pointless wars…. it’s been interesting to watch all these generals… pushing for war with Syria, war with Russia, war with North Korea.’

Sounds reasonable enough, right? It’s true that not starting pointless wars is a good thing, and it’s also true that there are many who seem to be clamoring for war.

Coulter went on.

‘It’s very hard to explain this Syria attack. It’s certainly not a vital national security interest… Conservatives generally don’t support rushing around the world for humanitarian reasons. For that region of the world, Assad is one of the better leaders… He’s not even like a Saddam Hussein murderous thug… It’s a very strange thing we’ve done here.’

What planet does she live on.

Bashar al-Assad isn’t a murderous thug? What? Did she get al-Assad mixed up with someone else? Does she not know that he’s executed untold thousands upon thousands of his own people?

The interview, stunningly, got even worse, with Coulter asserting that “the left” supports the Syria strikes because they “want to destroy America.”

Um, ok.

Watch the full interview below.

Featured Image via Michael Tran/FilmMagic.