Creepy President Trump Reportedly Very Upset That Amanda Knox Didn’t Support Him


On Friday, the New York Times released an article profiling Donald Trump’s neighbor,   George Guido Lombardi, and one of them mentioned something rather odd. Apparently, Trump was “very upset” that Amanda Knox, an American student accused of murdering her Italian roommate while studying abroad, did not support him in the election.

Trump was apparently unhappy that Knox did not support him in the election, despite the fact that he publicly proclaimed her innocence and called for Americans to boycott Italy if Knox was not released.

Knox was initially convicted of murder, though some experts questioned the prosecution’s methods. Her case was eventually appealed to Italy’s highest court where they overturned her conviction.

While Knox ultimately supported Clinton due to her fears of Trump and the Democratic candidate’s stance on abortion, she was unenthused with both candidates. On her blog, she said that Clinton appeared disconnected from the people, but Trump was disconnected from reality.

‘…Meanwhile, Donald Trump has succeeded in coming a step away from the most powerful position in the world merely because he is a destabilizing agent. No matter that he is inexperienced, uninformed, and irresponsible (to say the very least). Both candidates seem disturbingly disconnected, in their own ways. Hillary Clinton from the people. Donald Trump from rationality.’

Knox’s posts probably summed up the thoughts of a lot of Americans. Clinton, for all her faults, remained a much safer choice. Trump was simply too unpredictable and, unfortunately, his critics have been proven right. He simply does not possess the temperament to be president.

Trump’s displeasure with Knox is not necessarily surprising. He appears to have taken Knox’s support as his due since he supported her. It’s a rather odd stance since one would think that Knox’s innocence would be independent of who she supports for president.

The Times story only mentions the Knox incident in passing. Instead, it focuses on Lombardi’s relationship with Trump and his ties to right-wing populist movements in Europe.

Featured image via Getty Images.