Don Lemon Abruptly Ends Show After Verbally Annihilating Trump Supporter (VIDEO)


Trump supporters — especially the ones uncaring enough to trumpet their support for the President on national television — are getting more and more belligerent.

CNN talking head Jeffrey Lord called Trump the “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of healthcare” on CNN this past Thursday morning, and the fallout over that continued into Thursday night’s programming.

Lord appeared on Don Lemon’s Thursday night show alongside Symone Sanders, the same woman who he’d appeared alongside on Thursday morning, and on Lemon’s show, the unsurprising controversy over what Lord had said continued.

Lemon began by asking Lord point blank if he “realized” what he was saying by comparing Trump and Dr. King.

Lord replied with some vague platitudes about how Dr. King is a “hero” of his. He┬átried to explain his comments by saying that he compared the President to the deceased African American civil rights leader because the strategy of “shutting things down” is common to them. Trump has announced a strategy of “letting Obamacare collapse” in order to pave the way for his administration’s own version of a healthcare act, and Dr. King, in Lord’s estimation, used the same “strategy.”

In truth, and as Lord’s fellow panelists pointed out to him, Trump’s strategy of “letting things collapse” is quite different from the fact that Dr. King and his allies literally put their lives on the line to fight for basic human rights for African Americans. Comparing the two is patently ridiculous.

Lord, however, kept blabbering on.

After he went down a rabbit trail of trying to explain how letting Obamacare collapse is actually a good thing, he then insisted that he hadn’t actually compared Dr. King to Trump. However, as Lemon reminded his belligerent guest, “We all have ears,” and it’s not like Lord’s comments were made in secret or anything. On national television, he said that Donald Trump is the “Martin Luther King Jr. of healthcare.”

The squeaky voiced Lord eventually forced host Don Lemon to end the show early, through dismissing Lemon’s repeated entreaties for him to acknowledge that people of color — Lemon himself included — were sitting in front of him and saying that comparing Dr. King to Donald Trump was “insulting.”

Lord claimed that there were “no people of color” sitting in front of him and asking him to acknowledge the disrespect inherent in his remarks, seeing as “we don’t judge people by their race in this country.”

Yes, his defense of his remarks was that delusional.

Watch the video below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.