Ivanka Tweets Dumb Remark About Libraries After Dad Cuts Funding – Internet Loses It


This week the Trump children have once again reminded the world that they have no decorum and are as thoughtless, privileged, spoiled, and insensitive as children of their wealth stereotypically are. With regard to Trump Sr. pushing America further to the brink of war, Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted:

His reckless tweet and childish emoji are quite reflective of his lack of maturity and common sense. Then, in a move similar to her brother’s, but more like something out of the movie, CluelessIvanka Trump shouted out a group of people who will likely be jobless and in dire straits if her father’s budget passes.

Ivanka tweeted:

Perhaps so caught up in being first daughter, getting a job just because, and serving as wife to Trump’s rising star, Ivanka forgot to remember that her father’s 2018 budget eliminates the only source of federal funding for libraries. In 2016, The Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS) received just .00006% of the national budget; as a fraction, that’s just six one hundred thousandths – pennies on the dollar.

The thing with libraries, though, is that while they don’t receive a lot of funding, they earn a lot, fiscally and otherwise. Libraries contain books, provide many youths with a safe haven, and host programs that give back to communities; no cost can be put on these returns on investments.

Ivanka’s careless use of social media and misinformed tweet didn’t sit well with social media users. People responded with their thoughts about the eldest first daughter’s words:

However, the most damning response came from the American Library Association. With the quiet storm that only a librarian can levy, they posted:

Some would say that the Trump children don’t know any better. After all, their father’s goofy social media use has become the source of fodder that people worldwide laugh at. However, the reality is that words really do matter. When the Trumps say things for show, then hypocritically do things that directly contradict their words, they hurt people. That’s not okay.

Featured Image via Getty/Win McNamee/Staff