Maxine Waters Went Ballistic On Twitter – Trump Still Silent & It’s Fabulous (TWEET)


It’s no secret that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is not President Donald Trump’s favorite fan. Actually, it’s more like she has a cringe-worthy poster of his orange disgusting face on her wall, and she throws poison darts at it. That’s how deep the river of disgust and disapproval flows from her.

She reminded Twitter users of how she feels about Pres. Trump Thursday evening when she tweeted two tweets.

‘Trump is no longer just a bully. He is now very dangerous and still has no business being President of the United States.’

‘Trump is threatening Americans’ health coverage, launching bombs, cutting women’s health care, & wasting taxpayer $$ on trips to his resort.’

Sad part is, she isn’t even exaggerating in the least bit. So far, in less than 100 days into his first term as president, he’s attempted UNSUCCESSFULLY to repeal and replace Obamacare thanks to the inner strife within the Republican party.

Then there’s the whole air strike on Syria, in which 59 tomahawk missiles were launched at an air base in response to the chemical attack on Syrian civilians that US officials are blaming on Bashar al-Assad.

Also, let’s not forget that Trump dropped LITERALLY the Mother-Of-All-Bombs in Afghanistan. Though non-nuclear, its blast is the equivalent of about 11 tons of TNT. It has a blast radius of a mile wide on flat terrain. Even better, it sent up an eerie mushroom-shaped cloud that hopefully is not a forecast of things to come.

Let’s not even get started on North Korea.

While they dropped the MOAB on Afghanistan, Trump also quietly signed legislation that did away with an Obama-era regulation that prohibited states from holding back funding for Planned Parenthood clinics based on the fact they may perform abortions.

Then, of course, there is the last tenant of her tweet – the expensive weekend trips he’s been taking to his Florida resort – Mar-a-Lago. With the costs of Secret Service, Air Force One, increased police presence, road blockages, etc… his travelling expenses have skyrocketed and the taxpayer, YOU, are paying for it.

With all that said, Rep. Waters isn’t having any of it. She’s called for Trump’s impeachment 22 times, and she won’t be stopping any time soon. Twitter users responded to her tweets thanking her and expressing their disgust with Trump.

‘She’s our collective conscience and truth teller!’

‘A bully eventually gets their butt kicked, and that is the scary part. He is going to provoke us into something he’ll regret.’

‘Yes!! @HillaryClinton warned us – get the maniac AWAY from the nuclear codes! #impeach #KremlinKlan #russiagate #TrumpRussia #Putinspuppet’

‘Get him the hell out of office before he does irreparable damage! Begging you …’

‘You go, Maxine. Never stop…never change.’

Featured image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for BET.