Mika Brzenzinski Goes Ham On Kellyanne Conway During Friday’s ‘Morning Joe’ (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway burned a lot of bridges when she arrogantly started displaying a pattern of blatantly lying, doing so through omission and coining sneaky terms in an attempt to justify her dishonesty. As a consequence of her infractions, it was previously rumored that Donald Trump in essence suspended Conway from speaking on his behalf.

In recent weeks, Conway has kept a very low profile and it is said that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is surfacing as Trump’s preferred go-to over Conway. Conway’s low profile isn’t helping her regain any favor she may have had with the media. Columnist, Michael Wolff recently called Conway “the darkness,” among other things he said about her.

Also no stranger to ripping Conway, MSNBC Morning Joe, co-host, Mika Brzezinski, unloaded once more on Conway. Questioning why Conway still has a job, Brzezinski argued:

‘You know it’s unbelievable that she works at the White House.’

Brzezinski then went even lower and called Conway, “kooky.” A lot of people would agree with Brzezinski’s take on Conway. Afterall, Conway did recently say that intelligence could be gathered via microwave ovens.

It was in the context of that statement that Brzezinski made her comments about Conway, as Brzezinski also shared CIA Director, Mike Pompeo’s contradiction of Conway whereby he said in part:

‘CIA officers like myself have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution. They’ve signed secrecy agreements, they quietly go about their work and try not to get too worked up over the headlines including the fanciful notion that they spy on their fellow citizens via microwave ovens.’

Brzezinski isn’t the only person who feels that Conway is not well-suited for her position. Social  media users expressed similar sentiments in response to Brzezinski’s words:

Others, like the tweet below didn’t miss the chance to point out that Brzezinski throwing shade at Conway feels like a case of the pot calling the kettle, “black.”

To watch Mika Brzezinski put Conway in her place, watch below:


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