Trump Jr. Just Tweeted The Most Disgusting Remarks About Dad’s ‘MOAB’ Bombing


Donald Trump Jr. is just as disgusting, repulsive, thoughtless, and ignorant as his father.

Need proof?

With regard to what could be the U.S. heading one step closer to one or more wars with various countries his father has instigated conflict with, attempted to bully, etc., Trump Jr. tweeted:

No regard for the lives lost as a result of actions like those of his father. No thought given to how insensitive his tweet sounds to people on the front lines of combat, or their families left to stress, worry, and otherwise question their well-being. Just a petty and childish tweet with emojis that reflect Trump Jr.’s petulance.

The only thing seemingly accurate about Trump Jr.’s tweet is that he is correct, his father did say he would bomb ISIS.  In fact, showing how much of an ignormous he is, Trump Sr. boasted:

‘I would bomb the sh*t out of ’em. I would just bomb those suckers. That’s right, I’d blow up the pipes, I’d blow up the re–, I’d blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left. And you know what? You’ll get Exxon to come in there and in two months, they’ll rebuild that sucker it’ll be brand new, it’ll be beautiful.’

All of the oil companies in the world and Trump said, “Exxon,” the same company that his good friend and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson once ran. That doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Trump Jr. may have thought he was a big bad bully posting his tweet, but people wasted no time putting him right in his place:

Featured Image via Getty/Bloomberg/Contributor.