JUST IN: Police Report Multiple Arrests At Violent Pro-Trump Rally In California (VIDEO)


While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump’s hateful rheotoric often incited bigoted violence that regularly led to anti-Trump citizens being spat on, pushed, kicked and otherwise assaulted. In a fashion fit for a coward, Trump has tried repeatedly to keep himself from having to be held accountable for his part in instigating the sometimes violent attacks.

Now that Trump is in office, one would think that his supporters would get to the business of policy and things that really matter, not reverting back to campaign trail antics. Wrong!

A group of pro-Trump protestors planned what they called a “Patriot Day,” and as per usual, they couldn’t plan an event and support their cause without being disrespectful. The rally was held at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, which is of course, named after the man who stood for the opposite of the hate that Trump and his supporters spew. Ahead of the event, an anti-Trump group planned a rally at the same park couple of hours before the pro-Trump rally was to start.

Firsthand accounts from people who were there reflect a scene that was doomed from the beginning. A tweet sent from the Berkely Police Department’s account show that many dangerous items that aren’t allowed at the park were found, therefore confiscated:

In an effort to be proactive in addressing what was likely going to be an event fully of violence, police made barriers out of plastic poles and fence mesh. Those barriers didn’t last long, though, as things quickly escalated and protesters began kicking and punching one another.

Video shows that parties from both sides were extremely emotional, as captured by this social media user:

Another tweet shows a different perspective:

At least four people were arrested, but police haven’t released information as to which side those apprehended, represent.

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.