Mexican Tourism To U.S. Takes Nosedive Under Trump – Economy Suffers (VIDEO)


The US has benefited from the extensive travel Mexicans enjoy and all the money they have spent here. Easter is an especially good time for the tourism industry, but not this year. The consequences are very damaging, and experts blame Donald Trump.

Legal advisor for the Congressional Human Rights Committee, Rafael Sifuentes Barba says that he bought items made in the USA, but now he is buying those from Mexico or other countries. This year, he told the Los Angeles Times he cannot wait until Donald Trump leaves. He also said:

‘I decided not to go until anti-Mexican sentiment decreases.’

Traveling to the U.S. during Holy Week was a four-year tradition for Barba, beginning when he got a tourist visa. He was particularly fond of shopping and taking in the sights when he went to San Antonio, New York, and San Francisco. Barba said he usually spent $1000 per day when he came here.

This year the Mexican man cancelled both his Easter and Christmas vacations to the US. Travel experts have seen a substantial loss in vacationers, because Mexicans feel less valued in the US. They tend to stay in country or travel to Canada and Europe.

Global Research firm Tourism Economics explained the US will lose $1.1 billion tourism dollars. Mexican travelers expenditures will drop a dramatic seven percent drop this year. The company expects an even larger drop in 2018.

President of the Metropolitan Association of Travel Agencies in Mexico City Edgar Solis told the LA Times:

‘They don’t feel welcome. In Mexico there’s a dislike of the administration and that’s created a reduction of passengers to the U.S.’

Solis said that Mexicans will change their travel plans from Las Vegas, Denver, or New Orleans to Puerto Vallarta, Baja, or Chiapas.

Romero explained the realities of Mexican travel to the LA Times:

‘You’ll find that most of Mexico City is empty, if you walk around you’ll find you’re alone, and there are very few cars in the streets. It’s always been customary for people to take vacations during this week within Mexico or to a foreign destination.’

It seems that words do really count, especially when they come from Donald Trump.

Check out this video explaining Trump’s racism:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Mark Wilson.

H/T: LA Times.