New York AG Opens Investigation Into Trump’s Ties To Organized Crime (DETAILS)


New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has long been a thorn in Trump’s side having led the state’s investigation into the Trump University scandal and the issues surrounding Trump’s charitable organization. However, now it appears that he may be getting involved in the investigation involving Trump’s possible ties to Russia.

While the issue of Trump’s ties to Russia are a federal matter that is behind handled by the FBI, the state of New York is concerned with Trump’s possible ties to organized crime which could involve RICO charges and are indirectly related to the ongoing scandal involving Trump and Russia.

On Thursday, Twitter user SheWhoVotes, who is also a constitutional lawyer, tweeted that her sources had informed her that Schneiderman was working with members of the intelligence community to “take out the entire three ring circus.”

This tweet was then collaborated by Louise Mensch, a former member of the British Parliment who currently works as a journalist.

To clarify, the Mafioso who were arrested were not part of the Russian mob, but rather were members of the Bonanno crime family, which is one of New York’s five Italian Mafia families. However, Scott Dworkin, of the Democratic Colation Against Trump, reported that the Bonnano Family has ties to Felix Sater, a longtime associated of Trump’s.

From there, we have a tweet from Claude Taylor, who once served in President Bill Clinton’s White House, explaining how the investigation intends to move forward.

Comey is focused on issues relating to Russia, but the state of New York is investigating the possible ties to organized crime. In short, the FBI is investigating the issues relating to Trump’s possible political ties to Russia while New York is investigating him in regards to his possible involvement with the Mafia.

Featured image via Getty Images.