Retired Army Colonel Issues Frightening Declaration To MSNBC’s Joy Reid (VIDEO)


In just a few words, a man who has every right to speak on the current condition of foreign relations and diplomacy summed up what many Americans are feeling:

‘I’ve Never Been So Concerned For the State Of This Country As I Am Now.’

Lawrence Wilkerson, retired colonel and former Chief of Staff under Secretary of State Colin Powell opined some strong words regarding Trump’s quick tempered approach to dealing with conflict abroad. Having served the U.S. during some of the most difficult times in history, Wilkerson asserted:

‘I’ve been through the Cuban missile crisis, I’ve been through the Bay of Pigs before that, Vietnam War, the two Iraq wars and so forth.’

Wilkerson’s remarks come as Donald Trump has pushed America to the brink of war with — seemingly everyone. Missiles were dropped in Syria last week. Russia and Iran threatened to go to war with the U.S. if Trump pursues further action in Syria. The mother of all bombs (MOAB) was dropped in Afghanistan earlier this week.

As if all of the above isn’t enough, U.S. maritime and ground troops are staged and stand at the ready in the event North Korea’s Kim Jong-un fires yet another intercontinental ballistic missile at the U.S.

Watch Wilkerson’s comments in the video below:

Wilkerson isn’t alone in how he feels, either. People took to social media to express their support of him, writing:

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