Stephen King Just Masterfully Trolled Trump On Twitter & It’s Beautiful (TWEET)


The king of great horror fiction, Stephen King, is well known for his distaste for Trump. Actually, we’re pretty sure he downright hates him. We’re definitely even more convinced of that after the unleashing of fury he released on Not-President Donald Trump on April 15.

Joining in with all the voices across America demanding Trump to release his taxes, King tweeted:

‘Come on, chickenshit, if you’re man enough to drop a mega-bomb on Afghanistan, you should be man enough to release your tax returns.’

Of course, King is referencing two very important facts about Trump. On April 13, the US deployed a 21,000 lbs. non-nuclear bomb, known as the “Mother of All Bombs” on a mountainous region in eastern Afghanistan. Trump was mighty proud of the move commenting on camera:

‘We have given them total authorization, and that’s what they’re doing and frankly that’s why they’ve been so successful lately.’

The second fact King is referencing is the fact that Trump still has yet to release his tax returns. Saturday was designated Tax March Day in which protesters nationwide gathered in major cities calling for Trump to release his taxes.

Despite the fact that previous presidents and presidential candidates have released their tax returns for several years, Trump has repeatedly refused to do so. He claims he’s being audited and cannot release them. However, the IRS has commented that although THEY THEMSELVES cannot release Trump’s tax information, being audited does not prevent Trump himself from releasing his tax information.

Anti-Trump supporters and anti-Trump politicians have asserted that if Trump won’t release his tax information, then he obviously has something to hide. Despite this, Trump has continuously refused to release them.

Also joining in on the Tax Day March was Sarah Silverman who spoke at the NYC march.

Twitter responded to King’s tweet, and they were loving it.

‘Stephen King calling the president a chickenshit is the highlight of my year.’

‘I hardly think dropping a bomb makes him manly. Gotta be human to be a man anyways !? He is NOT. He is plastic. Waiting for him to MELT!’

‘Maybe his taxes got blown up in the explosion.’

‘Steve Bannon ate the copies.’

‘Master of horror, now master of trolling Trump. Keep it up’

Featured image by Mario Tama/Getty Images.