Watch Sarah Silverman Viciously Berate Trump During NYC Tax Day Protest (VIDEO)


Ever since Trump marched his big ‘ol crusty orange head down the escalator of Trump Tower, we’ve been asking, begging, and demanding him to release his tax returns. In response, he’s refused each and every request.

He’s claimed the entire time he’s under an audit, and he can’t release them until it’s done. Granted, now he’s the President of the United States, so he could probably have some sway with being audited (if he actually was), but regardless, he’s said no. That doesn’t mean anti-Trump protesters have walked away defeated, though. The day before Easter, protesters gathered across the country in a Tax March, demanding Trump’s tax returns. Though it’s pretty obvious it won’t work (sorry guys), it’s still the premise behind the march that matters. American citizens are calling for him to do something every president and presidential candidate has done and won’t take no for an answer — including comedian Sarah Silverman.

In New York City, Silverman stood before marchers and called on Trump to release his taxes. The video was tweeted by Justice League NYC, which tweeted: ‘[email protected] tells the truth! #TaxMarch #WhatAreYouHiding’

In the video, she shouted:

‘Show us your fucking taxes, you emotional child.’

According to AM New York, she did so standing next to a “giant inflatable rooster, bearing Trump’s golden hairdo.” We don’t have to tell you what the rooster is a euphemism for. Brad Jaffy tweeted a clip of MSNBC’s Morgan Radford asking Silverman why she was participating in the march. Silverman responded, saying:

‘I was raised to be an active citizen. I’m from New Hampshire… That’s what we do. When you love America, you love your country, you have to speak out and speak up… It’s time to fight for our country. That’s what I intend to do. I love this country. I was raised to know it’s an honor to pay taxes… That’s part of being an American citizen and helping each other.’

Featured image via Getty Images.