New Gallup Poll Puts Trump Approval Rating At All-Time Low – Freakout Imminent


Donald Trump’s narcissism and propensity to live in what often seems like a made-up fantasy dreamland, often leads him to feel like he is doing a great job, truly serving the American people, and on his way to going down in history as the best to have ever done the job. Data doesn’t lie, though; for weeks Trump’s approval ratings have lingered at the lowest in history, especially for someone so new to his office.

It has been less than two weeks since Trump started engaging in combat and instigating what could lead to war with several major world powers. With all that’s going on, people can’t help but to wonder if his antics are the only way he can move his hateful agenda forward. After all, it was in the midst of his military distractions that he “privately” (also known as sneaking behind Americans’ backs) signed anti-Planned Parenthood legislation.

Trump’s bullying by way of use of military force also calls to question whether or not he is trying to take attention away from the ongoing investigation into Russia. A probe that continues to point back to Trump as the center of collusion, misconduct, and overall bad business practices.

Just to recap Trump’s actions of the last week and a half:  He fired 59 Tomahawk missiles into an air base in Syria, set the stage for 18 ally soldiers to be killed, fired the mother of all bombs into Afghanistan, and set the U.S. up for retaliation by Russia and Iran. For all of these acts, Trump is extremely proud as reflected in the tweet below:

However, Trump is one of very few people who is proud of his actions. Gallup ratings show that Trump’s rating is lower than before he started dropping bombs and firing missiles. On April 6th, Trump’s approval rating was around 40%. Today, he has slipped a percent and is around 39%.

That decline may not seem like a lot, but keeping in mind that the U.S. population is over 300 million, one percent is substantial. Moreover, any decline when you’re talking about how people feel about going to war, the possible loss of American lives, etc., is concerning.

Featured Image via Getty/Joe Raedle/Staff