Trump Threatens WWIII In Jacked Up Easter Sunday Social Media Rant (TWEET)


President Trump is really on a roll this Sunday morning.

After tweets about his election victory and about how China is supposedly really a currency manipulator after all, the President took to his favorite social media platform to address the military. He spoke rather disturbingly about the military, painting it as some sort of silver bullet that solves all the world’s problems. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that if he provokes a war than innocent people will die. Perhaps he just doesn’t care.

He wrote, “Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice!”

Really? We have “no choice” but to send a U.S. Navy strike crew to the waters off North Korea and in the process push the world closer to war? Bombs don’t solve everything, Trump. If you’re so interested in pursuing the option of getting China to use diplomatic leverage to “deal with” North Korea, then perhaps you should stop threatening the Korean dictatorship with our military might and expecting things to go well.

Did we really have “no choice” but to expend tens of millions of dollars on dropping a single explosive device in a remote region of Afghanistan? How quickly do you think that ISIS is going to rebuild the tunnels that we destroyed?

ISIS is something that builds off every instance of American “aggression” and provocation against their activities. Every time we drop a bomb, they have a new shtick to use in recruiting people to their cause of fighting the West.

Lastly, did we really have “no choice” but to strike a Syrian government airbase? The strike that we carried out accomplished nothing substantive; the airbase is still operational.

To suggest that we have “no choice” but to build up our ongoing campaign of military aggression around the world is patently ludicrous.

Featured Image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images