Trump Throws Massive Twitter Tantrum About Georgia Special Election – This Is SAD!


The president took to Twitter this Sunday evening to write up his unsurprisingly ridiculous take on the upcoming special election in Georgia.

That election, which will take place this coming Tuesday, pits an up-and-coming Democrat named Jon Ossoff against a more conventional Republican. The race is to fill the Congressional seat vacated by Tom Price upon his assumption of the role of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Democrats see a real possibility for Ossoff to pull off a surprise victory, seeing as he is running well in the polls amidst an outpouring of across the board, national support for his campaign.

President Trump’s take on all of this is bizarre to say the least.

Writing on Twitter this Sunday evening, he said:

‘The recent Kansas election (Congress) was a really big media event, until the Republicans won. Now they play the same game with Georgia-BAD!’

First of all, even though you can eventually figure out what Trump means here by taking a long, hard look at his tweet, he has displayed — yet again — with this tweet his highly unsatisfactory grasp on the basics of human communication.

What he’s doing here is claiming that the media has been unfair in its coverage of the special elections that are underway across the nation to fill the Congressional seats vacated by his Cabinet picks.

The Kansas election which he refers to was to fill the seat vacated by the guy who he tapped to be CIA Director, Mike Pompeo. Democrats staged an impressive campaign, but eventually lost to the Republican candidate in the race by just a few points.

For Trump to suggest that the media is being unfair in their coverage of the Kansas election because the Republican won is ridiculous. The media isn’t covering that election anymore because it’s over.

As for Georgia, it’s simply a much bigger news story for a Democrat to take a traditionally Republican dominated Congressional district then for a Republican to hold onto that district. Thus, the former possibility is what the media is focusing on.

Even though Trump thinks that the world is really out to get him — they’re not.

Featured Image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images.