Eric Trump Just Wasted Thousands Of Your Dollars – The Reason Will Infuriate You


During his two terms in office, President Obama spent close to $12.1 million per year on travel costs. Donald Trump hasn’t even been President for 100 days, but he and his family are already on track to spend more on travel in that time period than Obama spent in an entire year.

This fact is not too difficult to believe, especially when the Trump family’s numerous vacations are factored in. President Trump himself has spent seven of the twelve weekends that he has been in office at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and the Trump children have all taken lavish ski and beach trips since their father’s inauguration.

Of the Trump children, perhaps the worst offender when it comes to spending taxpayer money is Eric Trump, who, according to CBS, has taken five international trips just this year.

Just like his siblings, Eric Trump has to be protected on all of these trips by the Secret Service, even though he is traveling with the sole purpose of promoting his father’s businesses. Trump is not traveling on a budget, either.

During his most recent trip to Dublin, Eric Trump spent — or rather, the American people spent — $4,029 on limousine rides. An additional $11,261 was spent on hotels for the Secret Service.

Perhaps the worst part about the Trump family’s spending habits is the fact that Donald Trump spent years complaining about taxpayer dollars being used to fund the Obama family’s travels. In January 2012, he said that it was “unbelievable” that President Obama’s vacations were “costing taxpayers millions of dollars.”

He wasn’t wrong when he said that Obama’s vacations were expensive — it’s expensive for any president to travel because of the increased security that is required — however, one would think that if he really had an issue with the cost of presidential travel, he would be trying to save money, or footing the bill himself, rather than moving towards spending triple what Obama did.

Trump even said during his presidential campaign that, if elected, he would rarely leave the White House. He asked the crowd at an event in Iowa,

‘If you’re in the White House, who wants to take a vacation?’

‘You’re in the White House. What’s better than the White House? Why these vacations?’

Perhaps someone needs to ask President Trump these questions, and give his children a few money management lessons while they’re at it.

Featured image via Ben Nelms/Bloomberg via Getty Images.