Trump Agrees To Autograph Child’s Hat Then Foolishly Tosses It Into Crowd (VIDEO)


Prior to his presidential campaign, it’s doubtful that many people really knew who Donald Trump was. Sure, they knew of him from his many appearances on TV and his aggressive self-branding, but it is doubtful that they really knew the kind of person he is underneath the reality show personality.

However, that all changed when he announced his bid for the presidency and embarked upon one of the most divisive and racially-fueled campaigns in modern American history. Despite his open racism, sexism and utter lack of experience in matters relating to the government, millions of Americans came out in support of Trump and through the arcane and outdated rules of the Electoral College, he was elected president.

After his election, there was some hope that the weight of the office would humble and mature Trump. It was speculated that he would realize the enormity of the burden that he had assumed. There was some tiny shred of hope that if Trump would not be a good president, he might, at least, govern as an adult.

If the past several months haven’t been enough to dismiss those hopes, then perhaps Trump’s behavior at the White House Easter Egg Roll will do the job. During the event, a small boy asked Trump to sign his hat. Trump, never one to turn down the chance to feel important, appeared all too happy to sign the young boy’s hat. Then, for some inexplicable reason, Trump tossed the boy’s hat into the crowd.

The more charitable among us might argue that Trump was attempting to joke around with the kid, but the child was clearly upset. Beyond that, given Trump’s history of only caring about himself, we wouldn’t be surprised if it simply amused him to ruin the young boy’s day.

The worst part about this whole event is that, according to Gallup, 41 percent of the country’s population approves of Trump. Political differences aside, we find it disturbing that so many people could support a man who bullies children at an Easter day event.

Featured image via Getty Images.