Trump Caught On Tape Offering Favors To Moscow In Exchange For Aid In The Election


There’s been a new development in the ongoing saga of Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. The latest information comes from British journalist Louise Mensch who, citing sources within the intelligence community, claims that Trump was caught on tape offering political concessions to the Kremlin in exchange for Russia’s aid in winning the White House.

Mensch claims that the intelligence community has uncovered evidence that when Carter Page went to Moscow last summer, he brought with him a recording of Trump offering to conduct policy in a way that was favorable to Vladimir Putin in exchange for his help in securing the White House.

There also, allegedly, exists a second recording of Page, Paul Manafort, and Boris Epshteyn discussing their plans to send Page to Moscow with the tape.

It should be noted that Mensch has provided no hard evidence of these allegations, but it does fit with a few facts. We know that in the summer of 2016, the FBI obtained a FISA warrant to monitor Page. Furthermore, we know that Page was targeted as an asset by Russian intelligence agencies as far back as 2013.

Once again, none of this has been confirmed, but it does add to the speculation surrounding Trump’s ties to Russia.

Featured image via Getty Images.