Trump Tries To Be Clever On Twitter & Fails Miserably – Try Not To Laugh (TWEET)


Somebody take Trump’s phone. He’s embarrassing himself and the world on Twitter.

This Monday morning, he wrote on Twitter about tomorrow’s special election in Georgia, which is taking place to replace the Congressional seat which was vacated by Tom Price upon his assumption of the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Trump’s comments are bizarre to say the least. He wrote, “The super Liberal Democrat in the Georgia [Congressional] race tomorrow wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes!”

Um, what?

First of all, as always, Trump’s delivery is simply ridiculous. “The super Liberal Democrat”? Does he realize that to some people, liberalism isn’t a bad thing? Does he realize that he sounds like a five year old?

Someone commenting on Trump’s tweet had a clever clapback for the “super Liberal Democrat” comment, writing:

‘He’s like ‘super’ liberal, you know. Is he one of the Democratic Avengers? Sounds like his super power is ‘common sense.’ I wonder if one of [Georgia Democratic Congressional candidate Jon] Ossoff’s super liberal powers is the ability to spell congressional correctly, unlike you.’

(In Trump’s original tweet, he spells Congressional incorrectly.)

Seriously though, it’s not clear that there’s any substance to what Trump is saying here at all. The talking points against Georgia’s Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff that the President has coughed up in his tweet literally seem so cliched that it hurts.

What kind of person would actually believe Trump’s lunacy here, though? Does he seriously think that he can win any people over to his and the Georgia Republican Congressional candidate’s side with this ridiculous tweet?

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images