Veteran Justice Humiliates Neil Gorsuch – Courtroom Bursts Into Laughter (VIDEO)


Trump’s first (and hopefully only) Supreme Court pick wasted no time throwing his weight around while hearing a case on his first day, and the Obama-appointed veteran Justice Elena Kagan quickly put him in his place for it.

While hearing a case that Bloomberg described as “a procedural dispute involving the rights of federal employees who lose their jobs,” Gorsuch aggressively questioned those involved and accused both sides of deliberately misreading the case law.

Chris Landau, attorney for the U.S. Census Bureau workers who had lost their jobs, had a specific request for the court.

‘Landau asked the court to let the man’s entire suit go forward in a federal district court, rather than waiting for part of the case to be addressed first by a federal appeals court.’

Landau insisted that he wasn’t asking the court to “break any new ground,” however. Gorsuch responded by saying that what Landau was asking the court to do was “to continue to make it up.”

Kagan hit back, though, saying:

‘This would be kind of a revolution — I mean, to the extent you can have a revolution in this kind of case.’

The courtroom burst into laughter at the comment.

Poor Neil Gorsuch doesn’t seem to be fitting in very well in his first days. Perhaps he was simply just another bad choice made by President Trump.

Featured image via Getty/Justin Sullivan