JUST IN: Obama Family Vacation Photos Released – A Nation In Torment (IMAGES)


Donald Trump has played more golf in his first 100 days in office than most people play their entire lives. And while any reasonable person recognizes the stress that his job entails, those same reasonable people would also likely agree that Trump has amassed a long list of self-inflicted burdens, both personally and professionally.

Moreover, there is absolutely no excuse for the amount of vacationing that he does at the expense of taxpayers. The notion that he continues to go on getaways that ultimately benefit his personal business holdings is unethical at best.

Especially with Trump having tried to exert such extreme power and control over Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan and in many ways, Iran and Russia, one would hope that Trump would at least try to show that he takes his job seriously and spend more time at the White House and conduct himself in a more diplomatic fashion. Perhaps if Trump makes it through a full term, then he will be deserving of as many vacations as he wants.

Agree with his politics or not, those who believe that former President Obama sincerely worked with the best interest of the American people, stayed scandal free, and left America better than it was left for him, will concede that the entire Obama clan is deserving of awesome self-care, unwinding, and purging.

Looking like they’re having the much-deserved blast, the Obamas were caught living their best post-White House lives. Based on the image that has surfaced, it appears that Mrs. Obama put President Obama on picture duty and he was all in for the job of capturing the former first lady on her good side and in the best light:

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The couple has traveled extensively since leaving office and done so with some of the biggest names in entertainment. However, it was in Tahiti while relaxing with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey, that the couple had the chance to board music executive David Geffen’s amazing yacht for Michelle’s photo op.

Since leaving D.C., the Obamas have golfed in California, visited a private island in the Caribbean, kite-surfed with Richard Branson, attended a Broadway play, and had lunch with U2’s Bono. Given their dedication to country and the stark contrast between their administration and the current one, it seems that kudos and well-wishes for continued fun and safe travels are in order for the former first couple.

 Featured Image via Getty/Jack Brockway/Contributor