JUST IN: O’Reilly’s Replacement Announced By Fox – It’s Worse Than You Think


21st Century Fox announced that Bill O’Reilly was officially out of the job this Wednesday afternoon, following a serious fallout after revelations that the longtime cable news host had been the subject of sexual assault allegations.

The revelation of those allegations left Fox facing the loss of untold millions in revenue because advertiser after advertiser pulled their ads from O’Reilly’s show. His show went on “hiatus” recently, but it was suspected that it wouldn’t ever return. This Wednesday afternoon, those suspicions turned out to be accurate.

Well, with such a recognizable figure of late night television no longer occupying his time slot, who will be tapped to fill the void?

Tucker Carlson will be replacing O’Reilly, as was revealed on Twitter earlier this Wednesday by NPR reporter David Folkenflik.

Folkenflik wrote: “NPR can report that Tucker Carlson will take O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. slot. A new generation takes over the most valuable real estate in cable news.”

Carlson, however, can hardly be said to be any better then O’Reilly. Fusion News has collected a series of incidents involving Carlson in his role as head of the Daily Caller, and they’re mind-bogglingly awful.

Carlson is so bad that he literally called Hillary Clinton his “guilty fantasy bedmate” at one point in recent years. (He’s been a conservative media pundit for awhile.)

As recently as 2015, Carlson openly wondered on air whether or not women who took jobs outside their household were a “source of disharmony in the home.”

In another obscene incident, Carlson mocked reporter Lauren Duca for not “sticking to” fashion articles.

And this is the guy who Fox has chosen to replace, Bill O’Reilly.

Great job, Fox.