Most Loved Politician Poll Results Are In – Only One Reigns Supreme (DETAILS)


Bernie Sanders (I-VT) doesn’t not consider himself a Democrat or Republican, hence his Independent party affiliation and willingness to speak harshly against both parties when he doesn’t agree with their politics. With that in mind, in many ways Sanders’ extreme popularity, especially with some voters, was blamed for Hillary Clinton’s lack of popularity with others.

Additionally, where many politicians in his position may concede to adopting the label of Democrat to have the support of the party, its voters, etc., Bernie hasn’t and probably won’t. He still rejects the notion of aligning with the party and many hard-care Democrats don’t like that one bit. This refusal to be open to Bernie’s brand of politics is said to have been to the demise of the all Americans since it ultimately led to Donald Trump winning the Electoral College.

In the ultimate sign of bipartisan leadership, Sanders is currently on tour with DNC Chair Tom Perez, but when asked if he is a Democrat, Sanders frankly replied, “No.”

That brand of candor has caused Sanders to lose some Democrats. Democrats who may otherwise be willing to submit to the reality that Sanders is one of a very few politicians who doesn’t have ties to big oil companies, private prisons, or other industries that would compromise his ability to lead objectively, ethically, and honestly.

However, even with Sanders’ polarizing attributes, polls show that he still reigns supreme. Sanders is viewed favorably by 57% of reigistered voters according to results from a Harvard-Harris survey. Of the 16 Trump administration staffers and congressional leaders also polled, Sanders is the only one viewed positively by the majority of those polled.

Steve Bannon won the slot for least favorite. Surprised?

No matter what people say/think about Sanders, he continues to advocate for the American people as he thinks best. In the case of healing from Election 2016, Sanders shows himself to be the consummate professional by standing in solidarity with the Democratic party and working to ensure that no tragedy like the outcome of November’s results, ever happens again.

Sanders’ interview with Chris Hayes may be seen below:

Featured Image via Getty/Brendan Smialowski/Staff