NFL Star Tom Brady & Wife Giselle Slam Trump On Twitter After Refusing W.H. Visit


Slain Civil Rights and Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X said:

‘A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.’

It’s in that spirit that several Super Bowl champion New England Patriots team members skipped the ritual White House visit on Wednesday. Citing reasons ranging from racism to sexism, each of the socially and politically conscious Patriots who opted not to engage in the dog and pony show with Trump handled the publicity they received for their shows of activism, differently.

Also absent was star quarterback Tom Brady. Brady has drawn criticism at times for having been identified as a “friend” of Trump’s. At one time Trump even publicly announced that Brady voted for him.

Unfortunately, Brady, unlike his teammates didn’t miss the visit because he was taking a stand. Brady’s absence is said to be due to “family matters.” There is no word as to whether or not those matters of family have anything to do with Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen’s firm anti-Trump stance.

While Brady wasn’t willing to stand in solidarity with his teammates who oppose Trump’s politics, Gisele did speak out against the commander-in-chief. A hardcore advocate for the environment, Gisele tweeted information about a protest against Trump and his extreme anti-climate policies:

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The tweet has since been deleted, but the power of modern technology and screenshot capabilities makes it possible for Gisele’s anti-Trump message to still be available for all to see. It is unclear why Gisele opted to delete the tweet, but other Twitter users had feedback that ranged from serious to hilarious:

Neither Gisele nor Tom have made statements about Donald Trump and/or the Patriots’ White House visit since the removal of Gisele’s tweet.

Featured Image via Getty/Brendan Smialowski/Staff