Rachel Maddow Played A Game With Trump That The W.H. Wants To Disappear


During the campaign and since his election, people have said President Donald Trump was a dangerous man to have in the White House. More and more however, people are jumping on that train and agreeing with the sentiment that having him lead our country puts American lives in danger.

Rachel Maddow directed her viewers to check out an article in Foreign Affairs. Titled “Present at the Destruction? Trump in Practice,” the issue highlights the dangers of a Trump foreign policy.

The issue speaks of three types of behavior Trump and his administration displays – normal behavior, incompetent behavior, and dangerous behavior. The writer, Gideon Rose, reasons that although there are many aspects that are still the normal operations of government and that you can expect a new administration to hit some speed bumps in the beginning of its term, the danger that Trump offers is unique. Rose wrote:

‘Every administration spins, fights with the press and the bureaucracy, pushes its own agenda, and tries to evade intrusive oversight. But ordinary White Houses do not repeatedly lie, declare war on mainstream media institutions, pursue radical goals while disdaining professional input, and refuse to accept independent scrutiny.

‘How seriously you take these behaviors depends on how you assess the motivations behind them, generating a game that some have taken to calling “Stupid or nefarious?” or “Veep or House of Cards?”‘

Maddow responded to this saying, “That’s your choice. Stupid or nefarious. I would like to take door number three if those are my options.” Maddow also called the collection of essays that examine the Trump presidency “hair raising.”

Rose pointed out specific examples to demonstrate the idea of comparing actions by the Trump administration and whether they are “stupid” or “nefarious.”

‘Do slow appointments signal poor management or a deliberate attempt to “deconstruct the administrative state,” as Trump guru Steve Bannon says?’

So, was the slow appointment of important cabinet positions the result of a brand-new administration that has no idea what it was doing or was it calculated?

Rose also added:

‘Are all the lies mere venting or a deliberate plot to distract critics and undermine reasoned discourse?’

Was Trump on Twitter accusing former President Obama of wiretapping Trump tower a means of him venting out his frustrations, or was it an attempt at diverting attention from his own administration and the investigation into the possibility of Russian collusion?

Maddow was right in pointing out the article and the question of “Stupid or nefarious?” It’s a question we should all ask every time Trump says something stupid on Twitter. Is he being stupid? Or, is he being calculating and distracting us from the bigger picture?

You can watch the segment below.

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