Elizabeth Warren Just Went After The White House Logs – This Is War (DETAILS)


Donald Trump is trying really hard not to have a transparent administration. Among other ways he is looking to work under a veil of secrecy, he announced last week that he won’t be following in former President Obama’s steps by allowing Americans to know who comes in and out of the White House; despite his highly cynical attitude about everything President Obama did, Trump won’t release the White House visitors logs.

Even more disheartening is the fact that it feels like D.C. legislators are dragging their feet at best, where investigating White House ethics is concerned. During this time of Washington lawmakers generally doing the absolute least to hold Donald Trump accountable and fully exert their legislative powers, one group of senators is holding Trump’s feet to the flames.

Per the Washington Examiner, Democratic Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Elizabeth Warren (MA), Tom Udall (NM), Tom Carper (DE), Ed Markey (MA), and Martin Henrich (NM), sent Trump a letter firmly demanding his transparency and that he fall in line with the precedent set by President Obama by releasing the logs. Addressing Trump’s ongoing attitude of failing to be accountable to U.S. citizens, the letter in part states:

‘Secrecy is becoming the hallmark of the Trump White House. We are not aware of any instance where the disclosure of the name of a visitor to the White House, as long as three months after that visit, created a national security risk.’

Doing their jobs and advocating for the people they serve, the group added:

‘The American public is entitled to know who meets with the President and White House policy makers. There has been strong bipartisan support for releasing the visitor logs and congressional Republicans conducted vigorous oversight over the Obama administration’s implementation of its disclosures.’

The Senators also alluded to the possibility of there being efforts to avoid being held accountable ethically, by allowing various parties to simply get away with not signing ethics pledges. Demanding information as to whether or not this is true, the Senators stated:

‘Scandal follows conflict of interest like night follows day. Your decisions permit industry lobbyists to advance their agendas in your administration, confer with former clients and employers to craft government policy behind closed doors, and cash out by returning to their high-paying lobbying jobs to take advantage of those new policies, all thanks to secret waivers that are never made public. When industry captures its regulators, the American people rarely benefit.’

The group of seven senators aren’t the only ones with something to say about Trump’s secrecy. Social media users tweeted their feelings on Trump’s sneaky so-called leadership style:

 One user even injected a bit of humor and joked about Melania’s absence from the White House:

With all of the suspicion around Trump’s alleged collusion and unethical business deals with the Russian government, one would think he would want to share the logs. Since he doesn’t, Americans are left asking, “What is Donald Trump hiding?”

Featured Image via Getty/Alex Wong/Staff