Trump Tries To Impress Italian Prime Minister By Saying He Is Friends With Dead Singer


When developing relationships with foreign dignitaries, it’s extremely important to have an idea of what their culture offers the world. For example, it’s important to know their significant historical figures, entertainers, historical events, etc.

President Donald Trump tried to do that today. He really tried. Sadly, he still gets an F, even for the effort because he messed this one up so bad it’s got Americans and Italians facepalming hard.

During a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Trump tried his best to show off his vast knowledge of the Italian culture and give the impression he was friends with plenty of famous Italians. He said:

‘Through the ages your country has been a beacon of artistic and scientific achievement, that continues today from Venice to Florence from Verdi to Pavarotti, friend of mine, great friend of mine.’

Nice try Trump. You got the destinations right; however, you messed up on the Pavarotti part. Trump, of course, is referencing the great Luciano Pavarotti who was a great opera singer and also made the crossover into popular music. Trump’s sentiment that he and the Grammy winner are great friends would be okay — had Pavarotti not died back in 2007.

Of course, Trump could say he misspoke. He could easily claim to have confused the past tense with the present tense and blame it on the unfair liberal media. We all know what grade his vocabulary and grammar skills are at. However, there’s another issue that Trump forgot.

In July 2016, it was reported that Pavarotti’s widow asked Trump in a letter to stop using one of Pavarotti’s most powerful songs on the campaign trail. Pavarotti’s wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, wrote:

‘We learned today that the aria “Nessun dorma” performed by Luciano Pavarotti is being used [on] the Donald Trump campaign soundtrack. We remind you that the values of brotherhood and solidarity that Luciano Pavarotti upheld throughout his artistic career are incompatible with the world vision of the candidate Donald Trump.’

Sounds like they were just the best of friends, doesn’t it? It’s not really shocking though. This is just another gaffe we can add in the ever-growing list of gaffes that Trump keeps pulling, like when he referred to Frederick Douglass in a way that made it obvious he had no clue who the guy was.

You can watch Trump’s remarks below.

Featured image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.