JUST IN: Trump Says Protesters Are Paid – We Just Found Out He’s Right (DETAILS)


A lot of people don’t like Donald Trump and he just can’t stand it. However, instead of doing things to bring people together, or prove himself to be transparent and deserving of some grace from citizens, etc., Trump continues to become more and more polarizing.

Because Trump lives in a made-up fantasy land, he also won’t admit that he is disliked; he’d rather dismiss critics as “haters” and make up outlandish stories about how people are out to get him. One such story that makes no sense, but Trump has continued to press, is the notion of people having been paid to protest against him. It’s a story that Trump has told time and time again, but per the usual, failed to provide proof of.

Also like usual, Trump has tweeted his absurd claims:

Despite the fact that Trump hasn’t furnished any proof that protesters were paid, there is now overwhelming evidence that people have been paid to attend political events. The thing is, they were paid by the GOP. The Arizona Republic reports that Political Coordinator Kyle Pierce solicited people in Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema’s (D-AZ) district to attend a town hall-style meeting she as having.

Those who went were guaranteed reimbursement of the $25 fee needed to be a member of the group hosting the meeting. A piece of email communication discussing the repayment read in part:

‘It would be absolutely wonderful if we had as many of her Republican consituents (sic) as possible attend this event to ask her why she accepted thousands of dollars from the creator of Backpage.com. I’m sure most of you have been keeping up with the news on this. It’s pretty bad, and we’re trying to hold her accountable for it. If someone does have to pay, the Party is willing to reimburse the expense.’



Ironic, right? Altogether, millions of people have marched against Trump at various events around the world, but never once have they been paid. However, we now have evidence that the GOP does pay people. Looks like members of the GOP are falling in the grave they dug for Democrats.

Featured Image via Getty/Robert Alexander/Contributor