Trump Makes Bizarre Election Announcement During Early AM Online Meltdown


On Thursday, Islamic terrorists attacked Paris police, leaving one officer dead and two other wounded.

The attack shook the French nation, which is preparing for a presidential election. In that election, interestingly, the far right candidate Marine Le Pen, who is like the female French equivalent of Donald Trump, seems to have a good chance of winning.

President Trump took to Twitter early Friday morning to comment on the Paris attack on police officers, but in so doing, he revealed yet again just how shallow and short-sighted the stuff that he says actually is.

Trump wrote: “Another terrorist attack in Paris. The people of France will not take much more of this. Will have a big effect on presidential election!”

It’s clear right off the bat that there’s something fishy about Trump’s remarks. Quite simply, his implication in saying that the people of France “will not take much more of this” is that French leadership should clamp down on Muslims and immigrants in the country in similar fashion to what Trump has planned for the United States.

Trump proposed a Muslim-targeting travel ban in response to the late 2015 terror attacks in Paris, France, that left around 150 people dead. That ban, however, has been blocked twice on account of that it’s illegal in the United States to discriminate based on religion. (Ever heard of the First Amendment, Trump?)

There’s another problem with Trump’s tweet, too. He only ever acknowledges terror attacks if the perpetrators fit his narrative. When a far right terrorist in Canada attacked a mosque during religious services, Trump never mentioned it.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images