Bill Maher Lost His Sh*t On Trump – Calls POTUS ‘The Whiney Little B*tch’ (VIDEO)


Bill Maher absolutely KILLED it on Friday’s episode of Real Time.

He, of course, has to thank Fox News and the Trump Administration for giving him plenty of material to run with. He started out talking about one of the biggest stories during the previous week – the timely demise of The O’Reilly Factor with the revealing that Bill O’Reilly and Fox News had settled several suits with women alleging O’Reilly had sexually harassed them.

He ripped O’Reilly for what he is – a sad, pathetic, little man.

‘You know, he could not get laid in a wh*re house with a million dollar bill. Even though he was very successful at his career what he really wanted was a woman, any woman to “Like me, like me, just somebody like me. You don’t even have to f*ck me, just like me.”‘

He and his guest, Hanna Rosin, who wrote The End of Men, went on to talk about the present state of men in the country, in the workplace, and in society. They basically agreed that men don’t want to be emasculated in the workplace, in relationships, or really in any part of life. It’s especially present in the environment at Fox News. Rosin said:

‘You know, there is this yearning for the time when men were men and women were women, which I think what Fox News is all about, and the yearning is even greater now because men are you know less traditionally men…’

Maher used their conversation to circle around and point out this attitude is part of why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to the orange pumpkin president. Men can’t handle knowing their country would be ran by a woman. On the subject of the president, he also let Trump have it and point out he is weak no matter what he wants to portray.

‘I used to… all through the campaign, I called Trump that, “the whiny little b*tch.”‘

They both reasoned that white men largely supported Trump because they felt they were in a minority, and they could identify with Trump, and he would be their manly savior. Maher said:

‘…white men never thought of themselves as a minority, but they kind of were made to feel that way, and then they turned to this c-list wrestling villain as their champion…’

However, he nailed it when he called Trump out for what he really is.

‘”It’s so ironic, because you know men, you think, “Oh macho, we’re so strong and sturdy.” But really, they are whiny little b*tches. I mean, who is more of a little b*tch than Donald Trump? He never takes responsibility for anything. That was the old way a man proved he was a man. Never. Everything is, “I inherited a mess!” Everything is somebody else’s fault.’

You can watch the entire segment below.

Featured image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.