New York City Just Sent Sent Trump Their Middle Finger & It Is Fantastic (DETAILS)


Trump administration Attorney General Jeff Sessions is showing just how ignorant, culturally incompetent, and generally thick-headed he is.

Earlier in the week, he brazenly displayed colonialism by calling the U.S. state of Hawaii an, “island in the Pacific.” Of course, the Trump administration defended Sessions’ separatists comment.

Now, Sessions has called a police department whose history of brutality against people with brown skin, and track record for killing unarmed brown folks is among the highest in the country, “soft.” One can be certain that the families of Rekia Boyd, Sean Bell, Nicholas Heyward, Jr., Amadou Diallo, Kimani Gray, and the countless other unarmed people killed at the hands of the NYPD, feel otherwise.

For far different reasons, GOP lawmaker, Dan Donovan (NY) also disagrees. He spoke against Sessions in defense of the NYPD. Making a statement via Twitter, Donovan said:

This type of in-fighting between members of the GOP is the epitome of white privilege. Jeff Sessions is working along with Donald Trump to implement multiple policies and programs that scream institutionalized racism. By virtue of party affiliation and his voting record, Dan Donovan supports the Trump administration when its convenient for him. When its convenient for him, Donovan also supports an institution whose history of racism is long and deep rooted in the very policies and attitudes displayed by the Trump administration.

Other Twitter users also had thoughts about Sessions’ sentiment that the NYPD is “soft on crime,” but for far different reasons than that reflected in Dan Donovan’s supportive tweet:

This latest display of division within the Republican party is yet another reminder of just how out of touch the party is, especially where matters of skin color are concerned.

Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer/Staff.