Steve Bannon Blames Megyn Kelly For Rift Between Fox News And Breitbart (DETAILS)


Former Breitbart editor and President Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon was once aligned with former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. However, Bannon recently revealed some information about a rift that took place between Breitbart and Fox News in an interview with POLITICO. According to him, the reason for the rift was former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

It apparently all started after Kelly grilled Trump during the first Republican primary debate. Bannon told POLITICO:

‘The big rift between Breitbart and Fox was all over Megyn Kelly. She was all over Trump nonstop. I told [Ailes] then, I said, “She’s the devil, and she will turn on you.”‘

During that first debate, Kelly refused to back down when questioning Trump. Afterwards, Breitbart published an article saying that Kelly’s performance had been “attention grabbing of the highest order.”

Bannon told POLITICO that, after the article came out, Ailes “called [him] up and said, ‘You gotta knock this off.'”

Bannon, not surprisingly, refused, and the tension grew. Things eventually settled, though, once Fox News began backing Trump after he won the Republican nomination.

The American people do not seem to be particularly surprised that Bannon — whose website has published a number of extremely troubling articles — said something offensive about Kelly. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve accepted it.

A number of people have tweeted in response to Bannon’s comments, and a few of the best tweets can be seen below.

Bannon may think Kelly is “the devil,” but she doesn’t think much of him, either. In December of last year, during an interview with NPR, Kelly said that she thought it was “dangerous” for Trump to employ Bannon as his chief strategist.

‘It is also a dangerous game to empower them, as clearly has happened. I mean, Steve Bannon is the chief adviser to our president-elect, and I understand the argument that he’s just a provocateur and he comes up with these crazy headlines and they want clicks, but if you look at what’s happened to Breitbart [News] over the last three years, it’s shocking…This is something else entirely, and I don’t know that Trump can stop it. I don’t know who, if anyone, can stop it.’

Kelly has not yet responded to Bannon’s most recent comments about her; however, it’s clear who has really come out on top in all of this. Kelly left Fox News for NBC a few months ago, after Roger Ailes was fired over sexual harassment allegations — one of which came from her. Meanwhile, Bannon has been ousted from the National Security Council, and rumors have circulated that, soon, he won’t be working in the White House at all.

Featured image via Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images.