Trump’s Plans For Next Weekend Discovered; It’s Worse Than You Thought Possible


Will the real president please stand up?

The guy occupying the White House seems to have absolutely no idea what he’s supposed to be doing. Presidents aren’t supposed to be holding campaign rallies. They’re supposed to be doing, you know, presidential stuff.

Nevertheless, Trump announced the following on Twitter this Saturday afternoon: “Next Saturday night I will be holding a BIG rally in Pennsylvania. Look forward to it!”

No, Trump, no.

He just can’t manage to stay in the White House for very long at a time. He has to get out and feed his ego, be that on the golf course or in front of screaming crowds.

Thus, rather then addressing, say, the issues plaguing the American healthcare system, or perhaps the national security threat that North Korea poses, Trump is going to hold a rally.

There comes a point, however, when any political rhetorician has to stop the talk and actually do something. President Trump just doesn’t seem to understand that concept. Alternatively, he’s just really good at manipulating his already easily dupe-able followers, so he’s just going to stick with that for awhile in order to hold onto power. Gaining power was, by all appearances, the only real goal that Trump ever had in the first place.

The entrepreneur Adam Best summed it up nicely, writing the following in Trump’s comments section:

‘As Trump likes to say, the election is over. How about less campaigning, more learning how government actually works? When things don’t go well Trump goes into his MAGA bubble, the 30% of Americans who actually like him. Put away the binky, expand the tent.’


We don’t have a president; we have a professional campaigner.

Featured Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images