Trump’s Saturday Night Activities leaked To US Media; It Is Outrageous (DETAILS)


Another day brings another blatant ethics violation by the United States commander-in-chief.

From essentially the very moment that Donald Trump announced his bid for the Republican nomination, ethical violations were abound. At present, President Trump is personally pocketing copious amounts of money due to his position as head of the United States government.

One such example is his Washington, D.C. hotel. This Trump International Hotel was opened in the fall of 2016, and has since hosted numerous foreign diplomats, all hoping to gain favor with President Trump by giving him their business. It would be extremely far-fetched to think that Trump’s decision to open the hotel — located just blocks from the White House — was in any way a coincidence.

Trump supporters will undoubtedly assert until they’re blue in the face that the Trump parent company that owns and operates the Washington hotel is being run by his two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, and that, coupled with his interests in a semi-blind trust, are sufficient to make it perfectly ethical.

However, it cannot be argued that the success of the Washington venture has the potential to create a long-lasting cash flow for the company — which President Trump will presumably take back over following his term at the White House. Therefore, and also because his sons directly benefit, it no doubt pleases him greatly that his position has provided the hotel a springboard that it needed to really take off. Furthermore, the semi-blind trust in which Trump’s assets lie, permits him unrestricted access to the entirety of its contents, and he may do so (and probably has done so) without having to notify anyone.

On Saturday night, America foots the bill for President Trump to pay himself again as he enjoys a meal at this very hotel. This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has paid a visit to his own establishments, nor is it even the first he has visited this particular establishment in order to pay himself. Donald Trump, since his inauguration in January, has dined there on at least three occasions — in February, in March and this evening.

The presidential motorcade was spotted arriving at the establishment around 8:30 p.m., and it is reported that the president is being joined by his current wife, First Lady Melania Trump. It is not immediately clear if they are being, or will be, joined by any other guests.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Donald Trump is in effect, both the tenant and the landlord for this particular property. That is, the property is rented through the General Services Administration. It has been suggested that Trump’s presidency made it such that he was in violation of the lease agreement, as it allegedly specified that no government official could rent the space — specifically due to potential conflicts with it being so close to the White House. It was later determined by a federal agency that Trump was not in violation, but they refused to disclose further information on the subject.

We can’t help but wonder if he will again order an overdone steak with ketchup.


Feature Image via Getty Images.