Melania Fed Up: Sick Of Trump Looking At Ivanka Like A T-Bone Slathered In Ketchup


Social media users let Melania Trump have it on Saturday when she tweeted about “guests” being at the White House. People were both angered and amused about the fact that someone who doesn’t live in the White House herself, was talking about having “guests.”

Of all of the responses to Melania’s tweet, one stands out as a bitter reminder that something always looks and feels a bit off where Donald and Melania Trump are concerned:

Signs that the Trump marriage wasn’t one rooted in any level of healthy happiness were on display from the moment the couple prepared to take office. When the Trumps arrived at the White House, Donald jumped out of the vehicle and left Melania to walk up the steps without the traditional chivalry of being escorted by her husband. Donald Trump was the first commander-in-chief in American history not to wait for his wife.

Except for when he is certain cameras are rolling and/or people are watching, Donald rarely engages in even cordial displays with Melania. The image of Melania looking like Donald said something that crushed her entire soul at inauguration, is branded in the minds of many. Also brow-raising was how stiff, cold, and distant the couple was, and how Melania often pulled away from Donald as they did their first dance.

Melania simply doesn’t look happy or like she embraces her role as first lady, genuinely. In fact, Vanity Fair pointed out that whether by design or Melania’s choice, Ivanka has been by Donald’s side in settings typically reserved for the first lady.

Melania’s relationship with Ivanka is another touchy subject. Melania has often had to deal with listening to her husband talk about his daughter like he is a school boy bragging about one of his sexual conquests. Sources close to the family say that Melania and Ivanka don’t have a warm and fuzzy blended family relationship, and describe a certain bitter coldness between the two of them.

Despite Donald Trump’s nasty arrogance, people don’t tend to feel too sorry for Melania. Even in response to the Vanity Fair article — which some would say gave the kind of background on Melania that would make one feel a sense of compassion for her — folks didn’t show much love for Trump’s wife:

No love, right? Whether this is Melania’s karma for enabling her husband’s bad behavior or the general sentiment that Melania —  an immigrant herself — enjoys privileges that her husband is denying others, Melania just doesn’t fair well in the sympathy area.

Featured Image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm/Staff