Trump Wakes In Complete Frenzy — Flies Into Bizarre Series Of Morning Tweets


Continuing on with behavior that we’ve long learned to get used to coming from the PresidentTrump posted a couple of bizarre messages on Twitter early this Sunday morning.

First of all, the French presidential election is taking place this Sunday, with the first round of voting currently underway. Out of this first round of voting, the top two candidates will advance to the run-off presidential election on May 7.

The election is being watched especially closely on account of the candidacy of Marine Le Pen, who has been described as a “female Donald Trump.” Current polls suggest, according to The Telegraph, that Le Pen is “virtually assured” of heading to the run-off, while her actually winning that run-off remains “highly unlikely.”

Trump seems to have just found out about all of this. At least, that’s the image that he wants to project.

He wrote the following on Twitter early Sunday morning: “Very interesting election currently taking place in France.”

Twitter commenters responded cleverly to Trump’s bizarre short Twitter message.

Seriously though — duh. Are we supposed to act surprised that you think that the French presidential election is “very interesting,” Herr Trump?

Trump has unsurprisingly spoken positively of Marine Le Pen’s candidacy in the past, although he’s stopped short of an explicit endorsement. However, he would no doubt enjoy seeing the faux populist revolution that he’s helped lead make inroads in France.

Trump eventually added another bizarrely short message on Twitter this Sunday morning, writing, “Thank you Lake Worth, Florida. @foxandfriends”

Although it’s not immediately clear why Trump is singling out Lake Worth, Florida, what is clear is that, in the words of performance artist Kristina Wong, Trump “is tweeting and watching Fox instead of getting security briefings from National Intelligence again.”

Featured Image via SAUL LOEB/ AFP/ Getty Images