Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Was Vandalized Again – This Is Perfect (IMAGE)


During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star received a lot of unwanted attention. It appears that things haven’t gotten any better since he won the election.

On Sunday, TMZ reports, someone wrote “F*** Trump” on the star with a magic marker.

A photo of the besmirched star can be seen in the tweet below.

While it definitely still counts as vandalism, this new addition will be a lot easier to clean up than the last attack on the President’s star.

In October of last year, a 52-year-old man named James Otis took a pickaxe to the star, causing so much damage that the entire thing had to be replaced. Otis originally planned to completely remove the star so that he could auction it off and give the proceeds to the many women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. He was, unfortunately, caught in the act, but managed to avoid jail time by pleading no contest to the vandalism charge.

Prior to the beating it took from Otis, the star suffered a few other, slightly less invasive attacks earlier on in Trump’s campaign. In January of last year, someone spray-painted a swastika on the star. Months later, in July, Plastic Jesus, a well-known Los Angeles street artist, decided to build a 6-inch high wall around the star, making an obvious statement about Trump’s proposed border wall.

Reactions to the most recent case of vandalism have varied greatly. Some have said that it was unnecessary for whoever quickly scrawled the message to deface public property.

Others, like this Twitter user, don’t normally support vandalism, but made an exception for the current Commander-in-Chief.

At the same time, some have praised the action.

Meanwhile, others argued that the star should be removed altogether.

Trump received the star on the Walk of Fame in 2007 when his reality show, The Apprentice was at its most popular. However, it was not for this show that he was granted the star. Instead, a spokeswoman for the Walk of Fame revealed in December of last year, it came as a result of his “producer job for his Miss Universe shows.”

No matter why he got it, the Twitter users above have a point about it possibly being best to just remove Trump’s star. It’s clearly not safe from the millions of Americans who oppose his policies.

Featured image via ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images.