Lawmakers From Both Sides Of Aisle Go After Trump’s Ludicrous Budget Plan


Few can disagree about the fact that we’re currently living through a highly divided and extremely tense political and social time. Many would say that the charged rhetoric of the Trump campaign is the cause of the clear division that separates Americans right now. Despite being a huge part of the problem, Trump doesn’t seem to be doing much to fix the mess he has caused.

Adding to the tension, plans to move forward with Trump’s Mexican border wall were announced to be moving full speed ahead, with a possible construction start sometime in early fall. However, Trump’s plan may have hit a wall, pun intended.

In a surprising display of bipartisan unity, Washington lawmakers appear to be coming together because of Trump, and against him, all at the same time. CNN reports that 40 members of Congress, a mix of Democrats and Republicans said that they will endorse a bill to avoid a government shutdown if the budget comes with no party-affiliated strings attached.

The Problem Solver Caucus said they’ll support what they’re calling a “clean” spending bill with the support of more than 75% of the mixed party group. The reason this is such a big deal? Trump’s Mexican border wall and military spending are among the main budget items that stand in the way of avoiding a government shutdown come Friday.

New Jersey Congressman, Josh Gottheimer, Caucus Co-Chair, argues:

‘The American people are looking for leaders who come together to solve problems and get things done, and that’s exactly what our Problem Solvers Caucus is doing by working across the aisle to avoid a government shutdown.’

He went on to assert that:

‘. . .ideological litmus tests on a spending bill like this simply create partisan roadblocks. With so many pressing issues facing our country, we need to work together to keep the lights on and avoid another expensive shutdown that weakens not only our economy but our national security.’

Lawmakers on the other side of the aisle are also speaking up. Tom Reed, a New York Republican and Caucus Co-Chair, added:

‘I care deeply that we must always put country over party when it comes to governing in Washington DC. This is why the Problem Solvers Caucus is locking arms to close the ideological divide and prove that we are true representatives of the people, both diverse and American at the same time.’

The Trump administration said that they don’t want a government shutdown. At the same time, Trump isn’t backing down from his position regarding the wall. Nevertheless, the administration claims that they’ll “do what it takes” to avoid a shutdown. Only the next few days will tell if “what it takes” means not moving forward with the border wall.

Social media users had some opinions on the “clean” spending bill and what they think Trump will do if a shutdown occurs. They tweeted:

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