Trump’s ‘Winter White House’ Under Intense Scrutiny From The State Department


The conflicts of interest created by Donald Trump’s private business holdings and his position as commander-in-chief have long raised glaring ethics concerns. How he compromises the integrity of his position to promote his business aside, some are crying foul and saying that Trump has an unfair advantage that’s hurting their businesses.

However, the biggest source of contention with Trump’s business holdings is the property that he has so arrogantly branded as the Winter White HouseDonald Trump has spent far more weekends at his Palm Beach, FL resort than in Washington, conducting the business of the nation.

His frequent trips to Mar a Lago are not only costing Americans lots of money, but have local residents seething because of the traffic delays and possible tax increases they may have to endure. Nevertheless, Trump continues with his frequent getaways with no regard for how his constituents feel.

Trump has also crossed into a murky area of illegal and unethical with the promotion of his resort.

NPR reports that a glowing article about Mar a Lago on a State Department website has finally been removed amidst harsh, but honest criticism that it wasn’t an appropriate use of taxpayers’ money and government resources.

Those against using a federal website to advertise Trump’s private business argued that funds were being used to publicize Trump’s for-profit resort. With regard to the removal of the ad, a State Department representative said:

‘The intention of the article was to inform the public about where the President has been hosting world leaders. We regret any misperception and have removed the post.’

The State Department’s comments didn’t appease some, those who feel Trump continues to get a pass for bad behavior took to Twitter to express their thoughts:

The website on which Mar a Lago was being advertised is supposed to be the site for the Bureau of International Information Programs. They work with U.S. embassies and consulates around the world and foreign policy and other matters. However, one of many problems was that Mar a Lago’s page had no talk about policy of any kind.

The webpage showed pictures of the club and its extravagant rooms and decor. It also talked about what came with the property when Trump acquired it from its original owner.

The webpage came under fire when Democratic Senator, Ron Wyden (OR) posted the tweet below:

Featured Image via Getty/Joe Raedle/Staff