Hungarian Free Press Claims They Know Where Trump/Russia Connection Originates


The Hungarian Free Press claims to have found the key to making sense of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia.

Dr. András Göllner’s claim, although relatively conspiratorial sounding, is also rather straightforward.

As he explains it, Arthur Finkelstein, who is one of the guys behind the scenes of Donald Trump’s rise to power, is also in the employ of Hungary’s notoriously and openly pro-Putin Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Orbán, in the characterization of Göllner, has turned Hungary into a “pale shadow of it’s [sic] former democratic self.”

One example of this disturbing, Orbán-led transformation of Hungary is Göllner’s claim that there are around 1000 Russian Secret Service agents living in Budapest alone, making names and lives for themselves with passports provided for by Hungary’s pro-Russia Ministry of the Interior for nothing more than a large sum of cash.

Finkelstein is connected to the Trump campaign through Tony Fabrizio, who served as the Trump campaign’s chief pollster and is also in the employ of Arthur Finkelstein and associates. Fabrizio has served as pollster for a number of leading Republican political campaigns across the country in recent years, including Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott’s 2010 campaign.

Although Finkelstein hasn’t been in any publicly clear role in the Trump campaign, Göllner notes that CNN reported in 1996 that the gay Jewish conservative strategist “can topple even the most powerful foes, yet [remain] so secretive that few have ever seen him.”

Göllner also notes that Finkelstein also co-owns a London based consulting company with one of Hungarian PM Orbán’s top advisers.

Göllner asserts that the FBI should investigate Jo Anne Barnhart, who Göllner identifies as “Finkelstein’s close personal friend, and managing director of the Hungarian government’s secretive lobby arm in the US, the ‘Magyar Foundation.'” (He initially said that the information contained in his writings about the alleged Trump/Russia collusion contains information outside of the jurisdiction of the FBI.)

Göllner also says that the Congressional investigations into Trump/Russia collusion should look into the actitivies of Trump adviser J.D. Gordon, who Göllner identifies as Senator Jeff Sessions’s “right hand man during the campaign” and who Göllner alleges traveled to Budapest some half a dozen times during the campaign season.

It’s not immediately clear if there is evidence for the alleged six instances of Gordon’s travel to Hungary, although he most certainly has been in contact with the Russia-aligned regime.

Göllner says, finally, that Congressional investigations should look into top Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka’s long documented ties to Hungary, including claims that he lied about those ties on papers connected to his recent naturalization as a U.S. citizen.

Göllner ties all these shoestring ends together by saying that he has sources telling him that “leakage of the hacked [Democratic Party] documents was coordinated through Budapest, the European HQ of the [Russian Secret Services], and with [Hungarian PM] Orbán’s knowledge.”

Göllner also claims that sources also tell him that Finkelstein’s aforementioned London based company was instrumental in transferring the documents that were stolen from the Democratic Party to Wikileaks, from which they were distributed to the rest of the world.

Trump campaign collusion with the Russians in the theft and distribution of documents from the Democratic Party has long been suspected.

Featured Image via Brennan Linsley-Pool/Getty Images