JUST IN: Fox News Hit With More Lawsuits – This Is The Beginning Of The End


When people show you who they are, believe them. The truth in this saying extends beyond intimate and other personal relationships and can be applied across a broad spectrum of interactions, especially professional dealings.

Unfortunately, some Fox employees didn’t get the memo that Fox News has a history of race-baiting and generally culturally ignorant and incompetent behavior. They must’ve also missed seeing people like Maxine Waters, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, and others endure the culturally insensitive comments made by Fox staffers.

Whether they thought they could affect change, or they simply didn’t care to stand up for what was right and, many brown employees have remained at Fox. Sadly, it turns out that Fox treats their employees no better than some of the people it has attacked. However, now that Fox has become Lawsuits ‘R Us, some of those employees want to bring awareness to how they’ve been treated. They’re doing so while simultaneously seeking monetary damages, according to this tweet from Shaun King:

USA Today reports that 12 black employees past and present, allege that the network has allowed years of racial discrimination. They’re also saying that Fox creates a hostile work environment. An additional staffer has filed a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The most recent claimants are joining the suit filed in the Bronx Supreme Court, in March, which claims that Judith Slater, a former senior vice-president and company controller, was responsible for years of “racial animus.” People have mixed emotions about the news of the racial discrimination suit against Fox.

Some feel that there is no surprise, and while they’re not victim-blaming, do question why the sudden clutching of pearls and high alarm about what’s always been known about the network:

Others are outraged:

What are your thoughts on this lawsuit? Do you feel the employees are being opportunistic given the pending sexual assault and harassment legal woes the network is facing? Or, are you of the belief that the employees’ hands were tied and they were simply unable to take these steps before now?

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