JUST IN: Trump’s Counterterrorism Adviser Sebastian Gorka’s PhD Fake? (DETAILS)


Sebastian Gorka has made quite a name for himself while in the employ of President Donald trump, serving as the belligerent businessman’s top counterterrorism adviser.

The name that Gorka has made for himself in this role has not at all been positive, with his parroting of radical positions against Islam earning him widespread ridicule. It’s also been revealed that he is likely a member of an elite Hungarian order that was established around the charismatic, anti-Semitic leader of World War II era Hungary.

Gorka did not disclose this affiliation in his naturalization paperwork, possibly opening a door for his American citizenship to become null and void.

Andrew Reynolds of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has now delivered yet another blow to Gorka, writing in a blog post on his institution’s own website that Gorka’s PhD is, by all appearances, fake. Nevertheless, Gorka continuously seeks to give credibility to his radical views by calling himself “Dr.” Sebastian Gorka.

A selection of quotes available on goodreads from Gorka’s 2016 book “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War” shows just what kind of counterterrorism “policy” that Gorka feeds into Trump’s ear, and it’s not promising. Gorka writes, for instance, that a “talk of the religious aspects of the enemy’s ideology,” is necessary for an adequate response to the threat of terror in the modern Western world.

Gorka thus parrots the often referenced sentiment among Republicans that seems to suggest that if only the government were to walk around putting the word “Islamic” in front of “terrorism” all the time, then we could defeat the terrorists.

Again, he’s tried to give credence to all of this nonsense by calling himself a “Dr.” However, as the University of North Carolina’s Andrew Reynolds discovered, Gorka’s education is a joke.

Reynolds looked it up, and Gorka’s PhD — awarded by the Corvinus University of Budapest — doesn’t come from an “educational” institution that “sadly… doesn’t even make the top 1,000 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.”

Besides this initially non-disqualifying matter, there’s also the matter of the examiners of Gorka’s PhD dissertation.

Reynolds found that two out of the three individuals responsible for granting Gorka’s PhD don’t even have PhDs themselves. The third individual is a “family friend” who operated in the same far right political circles as Gorka and his father when the Trump adviser still lived in Europe.

Reynolds also notes that the reviews that these individuals gave to Gorka’s dissertation consist of just three single pages of “generalized” comments, and nothing of the sort, in Reynolds’s words, that would “have never passed muster in America or Britain.” Reynolds describes Gorka’s PhD dissertation, which is available online, as “long on Islamaphobia and the unsubstantiated claims of the polemicist but short on theory, evidence or academic rigor.”

Making it even worse, Reynolds points out that Gorka’s PhD was likely awarded in absentia, seeing as available records indicate that the Hungarian immigrant was living in Germany at the time, not Hungary.

All of these issues together lead Reynolds to conclude by writing, “Clearly Gorka yearns to be taken seriously… lets give him the professional respect he deserves and stop calling him ‘Dr.’”

Featured Image via Alex Wong/Getty Images.