Trump Flies Into Early Morning Twitter Rage & Gets Taken Down Hard (TWEETS)


Donald Trump took to Twitter this Wednesday morning to address basic economic issues, but in doing so he just made himself look like a fool.

The President wrote, “The U.S. recorded its slowest economic growth in five years (2016). GDP up only 1.6%. Trade deficits hurt the economy very badly.”

The things Trump is saying may in fact be true, but it’s not at all immediately clear what his point is.

Journalist Jules Suzdaltsev points out in the comments section of Trump’s latest tweet that it doesn’t really seem as though the president has any remarkable news to share.

Suzdaltsev wrote:

‘So, is that thanks to you? Sounds like Obama was doing great for the past five years then…¬†Are you saying that in Obama’s last year in office (2016) the record breaking growth he created following 2008 had slowed? NO WAY!’

Indeed, Trump is in really no position at all to talk about the trajectory of the economy, seeing as he hasn’t even been in office for 100 days yet. Any growth that predated that notably low 2016 growth rate was President Obama’s doing and has really nothing to do with Trump.

It’s up to Trump now to replicate what Obama did in his first years in office. With the president spending so much time and effort on things other then the basic economic issues that Obama dealt with, however, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Obama addressed issues like people’s lack of healthcare in his first bit in office; Trump, on the other hand, only seems to be able to think in terms of walls.

Featured Image via BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/ AFP/Getty Images.